‘Better to Build Stadium Instead of Buy Neymar With Price Rp.3, 5 Trillion’

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‘Better to Build Stadium Instead of Buy Neymar With Price Rp.3, 5 Trillion’

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said the Bundesliga champion would never spend the 222 million Euros spent by Paris Saint-Germain to recruit Neymar, preferring to build the stadium rather than be spent on just one player.

Rummenigge, who is also chairman of the European club association or (ECA), insists that rational thought must be kept firm, in order to avoid uncontrolled transfer of funds.

He also did not understand what is the basis of PSG dare to spend crazy funds in order to bring one player only. However, Rummenigge admits that Neymar has a quality as a top player, but not so must be purchased with super ‘Edan’.

“During the Neymar transfers I asked myself ‘What’s more important than Neymar or Allianz Arena’,” explained Rummeingge.

“I have to say clearly that I prefer to have the Allianz Arena which is much more important. We, Bayern Munchen must have a different philosophy. Overall the price of Neymar could finance even more for one stadium. ”

Bayern borrowed money worth 345 million euros in 2005 to build a new stadium on the outskirts of the city, and pay it off 12 years earlier in 2014 which previously had a 25-year repayment due date.

Meanwhile, a record transfer was also made by Bayern itself when the Bavarian giants bought Corentin Tolisso worth 41.5 million euros from Lyon.

“We do not want to do this and we can not do this (spending money like PSG). And that’s good. It also shows that this is the best way for the public and our fans. ”

Rational rules for player transfer

Responding to the increasingly unreasonable price of the player, Rummenigge asked all parties involved in football to sit together to discuss the issue.

Before Neymar, transfer record held by Paul Pogba when recruited Manchester United from Juventus worth 105 million Euro.

“FIFA, UEFA, ECA, League and players incorporated in FIFpro should discuss this matter. I think we should all sit down at one table, that would be my proposal. ”

“We can look for more rational rules for football. Moreover the public will not understand this anymore, fans will lose connection. “Rummenigge close. (Source: Reuters)


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