Everton Still Interested With Sissoko

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Everton Still Interested With Sissoko

Everton management is currently believed to still be interested to try to bring services Moussa Sissoko from the hands of Tottenham Hotspur in the summer transfer market.

The figure of the French national midfielder is known at this time so difficult to put himself into a scheme played by Mauricio Pochettino today.

And last season, Sissoko was found to be difficult to develop along with the main squad of The Lily Whites, although in previous seasons he was able to become a mainstay for Newcastle United in the affairs of building attacks and defense.

With the greatest chance of getting a very minimal playing time if he stays at White Hart Lane next season, Sissoko is also believed to be considering trying his luck along with other clubs.

With the situation, this time The Toffees present with the desire to bring the services of former Newcastle United players, for the sake of perfecting the scheme of the game in the dream by Ronald Koeman figure.

Previously, Tottenham Management is believed not willing to give up in exploiting the maximum potential possessed by the 27-year-old midfielder.

However, with a very small chance of growing, Tottenham Management is reportedly thinking back to their wishes, and right now they are willing to immediately release it in the summer transfer market.

And with the support of a fantastic transfer fund in the summer of this year, The Toffees is ready to pour a substantial transfer of funds, to ensure the presence of Sissoko at Goodison Park.

Reportedly, a £ 20m dowry is believed by Everton Management to be more than enough to convince Tottenham Management to inaugurate the transfer process of the player in question.

However, the number is still very far adrift of the amount of transfer funds needed by Tottenham to sign him from the Magpies in the transfer market last summer of 2016, which is known to reach £ 29 Million.

And throughout last season, Sissoko are known to have failed to score a goal for Tottenham, out of a total of 25 matches in the Premier League he played, both as a starter and as a substitute.


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