Mourinho missed the figure of Rooney

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Mourinho missed the figure of Rooney

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, admitted longing to Wayne Rooney Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. In fact, this 54-year coach who contributed to Rooney’s decision to leave Old Trafford to return to his former club, Everton.

Rooney returned to Goodison Park, Everton’s headquarters, earlier this month. The 31-year-old ended his 13-year adventure with the Red Devils after embracing a string of successes, both domestic and European.

The less minutes played under Mourinho made one of the reasons Rooney leave. Despite the status of Man United’s top scorer and England’s national team, but in the English League last season, Rooney only got 15 plays to play as a starter.

Apparently Mourinho has not completely forgotten his former captain. The former Chelsea manager admitted it was very difficult to get a match figure who replaced Rooney’s role at Man United.

“I really miss him because he is a fantastic figure, Wayne has a very positive influence,” said Mourinho as reported by the Telegraph.

“We can not say we’re going to develop a team because Wayne is gone, I just think it’s a new period without face, leadership, and good influence for us.”

Rooney was tied with a two-year contract by Everton, the club he left to join Man United in 2004. Before leaving Old Trafford, Rooney scored 15 goals in his 71 appearances at Goodison Park. Now, the number of goals for Everton will increase again because he was back with The Toffees.


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